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Boomerang Consulting was born out of the realization that new businesses and current business owners need affordable support without the fluff that most agencies give. With over a decade of experience in business strategy, copywriting, website design, and branding strategy, we exist to help grow your business based on your own timeline and goals. It’s hard to talk about yourself in an “About Us” page, so hear us out.

With our overtly-open transparency and a clearly defined, high-level plan, we believe in launching or growing your business with a clear-cut strategy, followed by all of the creative and fun things. We create a tangible plan with the goal to support whatever it is that you love.

Our expert development team efficiently delivers high-quality websites, specializing in WordPress and offering cost-effective solutions that accelerate the web development process. We incorporate the content creation, branding strategy, and search optimization strategy into the development from the beginning, and provide expert advice on key business decisions, including software, advertising, design, hosting, and maintenance.

Creators, makers, and entrepreneurs? Here’s looking at you. We’ve got you covered.

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A note from the founder

Boomerang Consulting was born out of a love for the creative and expressive realm, particularly with words. From a very, veryyyy young age, writing and literature have been a way to express myself when writing about all of the good and bad in life through the lens of an eight year old, which then grew into a cathartic thing to do as a moody teenager, and then well into my young adult years. My love of writing and literature led me to major in English Literature and, even now well into my late 30s, writing is a way to understand how I’m feeling and whatever it is I am experiencing in real time. What is even better is that it provides a true way to go back in time, read the words you put onto paper, and, with a sense of nostalgia, know that you came out on the other end.

Through a combination of constantly perfecting those skills, getting an MBA to understand how business works, working in a corporate role for several years where I was able to fully understand the business world, and the heartfelt tug to help others, we bring you Boomerang Consulting. We are more than just copywriting… we bring you branding, website development, digital marketing, and overall business structure and strategy.

I wanted to create a company that was thoughtful, flexible, and operated from a place of integrity and purpose. A place that you know your ideas are heard, your vision is nurtured, your hard work is valued. Working with people in the early stages of their business, or in a season where they are ready to shift gears, allows me to help them truly enjoy their lives outside of their screens or brick-and-mortar. Time is the only resource we can’t get back, so why not make the best use of it?  

The Boomerang came from a joke from my husband – what do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back? From the love of laughter and firm belief that what you put out into the world comes back to you, we bring you
Boomerang Consulting.

With kindness,


PS: The answer to the joke is…It’s a stick 😉

Why Choose Boomerang?

Boomerang Consulting focuses on our commitment to quality and a passion for delivering affordable support and digital marketing that make a lasting impact on your business.

Transparent collaboration is at the heart of what we do, bringing your visions to life and ensuring your expectations are exceeded. The only way to achieve your goals is by launching your passion. 

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