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Crafting Your Identity: Why Brand Identity Matters for Your Start-up Business

Brand Identity: How You Feel

Imagine walking into a business. You are immediately hit with the aroma of orange and eucalyptus (not good at scents so just roll with how good this smells). The lighting is bright enough to see detail but dim enough to create a soothing vibe. As you start approaching products, you are struck by the packaging. It’s minimal, but the logo embodies everything you see and smell and the colors catch your attention. You end up buying more than you intended simply based on the way the products made you feel.

Flash forward to two weeks from now. You are at the park and you catch a whiff of the orange and eucalyptus smell. You also noticed a passerby on a bench using a hand lotion from that same store and how did you know it was from there? Because you noticed the logo and color scheme. Again… based on how it made you feel.

See It To Believe It

This is brand identity. It allows you to recognize a specific brand and differentiate from the rest, especially in what could be a saturated market. With a logo suite, font suite, color scheme, and overall elemental vision, you are building a strong association between the brand and its values, products, and/or services. For a start-up business or business seeking to level-up branding or website design, you want to create a distinct visual of what your brand embodies.

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High Level of Trust and Credibility

One of the main components of customer loyalty is trust. Your clients or customers want to know that you are consistent and true to what you say with how you market. A consistent brand identity fosters that trust and keeps them coming back whether you offer a service that is entirely virtual or a brick-and-mortar like a soap and candle small business start-up. 

Demonstrating that you are reliable across your website design, social media posts, print design, or packaging invokes a sense of credibility that encourages that repeat-purchase behavior. It sounds very physiological because it is. Those that feel that high level of trust are likely to keep coming back to you. Like the little print press company down the street from me… I can always count on their pieces being authentic and their branding being consistent. Anything I purchase lands in a recycled paper bag with their hand stamped logo on the outside – making all of the writing spidey-senses go off. 

You laughed, but you know exactly what I mean.  

Competitive Advantage for the Win

There are industries where the sky is the limit in terms of competition, but there are other industries who are a dime a dozen and those markets are incredibly saturated. No matter which category you fall into, you need to set your brand apart from the pack. 

Creating a unique and effective marketing strategy centered around your brand and vision makes you stand out. Clients and potential leads begin to see to the trend of your name, fonts, logo, etc. I bet you can think of a brand right now that stands out to you that you may not even buy from, but you can picture their branding in your mind. That’s how you want to stand out no matter what your industry is and no matter how many followers you have. 

Build an Emotional Connection 

Everyone knows of the coffee shop or local store or online brand or marketing group that you have built a relationship with outside of purchasing their product or service. You may not realize that the little barista who’s at your local coffee shop you frequent for your mid-day pickup is actually a part of what brightens your trip there. You may not realize that the little female-owned, local boutique you buy handmade chocolates from makes you feel super happy when you leave because you know her story and what you’re supporting. 

Evoking positive perceptions and emotions among customers extends your relationship beyond transactional interactions. As a start-up strategy for a new business, you want to encourage people to advocate for your brand based on their experience with it. Word-of-mouth referrals don’t hurt, either. 

In it For The Long Haul

Long-term, sustainable growth requires a strong foundation for brand equity, which encompasses the trust, loyalty, and value that consumers associate with your brand. This foundation enhances customer retention but also attracts new people and improves overall brand perception. By consistently delivering value and adapting to changing market dynamics and trends (where needed…don’t change up all of the things just because a “guru” on IG says to), companies can contribute to sustainable growth and increase their market share over time. This solidifies your place in the market. 

Aren’t you glad I didn’t take you to the french restaurant this time?!

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